Our Story


We are an independent Canadian production company with projects based in Cape Breton, NS., Montreal, QC., and Toronto, ON.

We produce independent short and feature films that challenge assumptions and aim to expand the collective consciousness.

Sound like a tall order?  Sure is.  But every film is as product of passion and the forces that drive creation are rarely mundane.

We don’t make films for fame or fortune (but will accept any of that which comes our way!).  Rather we seek to create worlds where audiences can find pieces of themselves and examine their experience through an alternate lens.

Our films are tender and funny.  Our films are unflinching and disturbing.  We explore many styles including subtle comedy, neo-noir, drama, and horror. These diverse paths lead all of our films to the same destination : A world that is richer and more honest than the one that came before.

If you are intrigued or merely interested, please explore our films, our folks, and our world.

We welcome everyone.