Emilie Majeau


Emilie is the fierce Cinematographer who expertly shot the Riveters.

Her academic background is in theatre, filmmaking, political science, and feminism. She has worked as and AC and DP on many different shorts, all of which have been directed by badass female directors.  Some examples are: Lunar Schism, SOAR, and In Moment. She directed her own documentary about a LGBTQ community in north France and also worked as a photographer and clip videographer for several bands such as Les Monsieurs and Slut code.  She currently works for TFO in television production.

For Emilie, everything is political! She wants to add more justice, equality and peace to this crazy world, mainly by doing art and working with people who share the same values.

Emilie is a hard-core cyclist and recently did a 600km cyclotourisme bike trip in BC with her tent on her bike.  She has traveled in almost 20 different countries but she has never been to Mississauga.

Her upcoming goals are to direct her first narrative short film in 2018, and to learn scuba diving so she can shoot films under water.