Films in Development

Lightning-Bolt Cleats

Live action drama short in pre-production.

A newly single soccer mom embraces darkness to find light in her chaotic life.

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Leslie’s Audacious Dip

Live action comedy short in pre-production

“The pariah son of a well to do family causes a splash at Grandma’s birthday party when he arrives naked.”

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Our Sister’s Ride

Live action documentary short in pre production

A determined girl must prove her brothers wrong and learn to ride her bike before her 5th birthday

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Jack Flash and All the Birds

Live action drama feature in pre-production

An agorohobic birdwatcher contemplates suicide but is thwarted by his aggressive neighbour.”

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The Marauders

Live action documentary in pre production

“2 brothers are determined to form a heavy metal band that rocks harder than Metallica and refuse to be deterred by the fact that they are both still in grade school.”

The Goths of Cape Breton

Live action feature drama in pre-production.

“A righteous Cape Bretoner must reconcile her relationship with her past and her family or face dying alone. “

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